Good Night Sweet Dreams Take Care #gnsdtc

Night is a special time. A time to recharge (not just) your (phone) batteries. A time to reflect on the day that has gone by. And a time to let go of the past and get ready for the future. If you have read this post before, here’s wishing you a good night’s sleep. If you haven’t or if you wish to remind yourself of what’s important, read on. And then read no more, until it’s dawn. 24 hours every day, that is what we get, and sometimes 24 hours seem woefully inadequate. Borrowing a few hours of time from your sleep time feels like the right thing to do, the smart thing to do. Until it doesn’t. Bad sleep habits become life-long bad habits. Here are some of the things that you should do: If it’s bed time already, do not read this post, go sleep. If it’s bed time and you do read this post, do not read or listen to or watch anything after this post. Lock your phone and close your eyes. Don’t steal time from sleep. If you think you can make do with less sleep, you might be wrong.

What is the full form of GN SD TC? What is the meaning of Gnsd?

 GNSDTC stands for Good Night Sweet Dreams Take Care. 

It is mostly used affectionately in chat. 

The name of this website derives from this abbreviation.

Want to know what it means in your language?

Hindi: “शुभ रात्रि, मिठे सपने और सावधान रहो”

Kannada: “ಶುಭ ರಾತ್ರಿ, ಮಿತಿಯ ಕನಸುಗಳು, ಮತ್ತು ಜಾಗರೂಕವಾಗಿರಿ”

Tamil: “இனிய இரவு, இனிய கனவுகள் மற்றும் கவனமாக இருக்கவும்”

Telugu: “శుభ రాత్రి, చిన్న కనపడనివేల మరియు జాగ్రత్తగా ఉండండి”

Punjabi: “ਸ਼ੁਭ ਰਾਤ, ਮਿੱਠੇ ਖਾਬ, ਅਤੇ ਸੰਭਾਲ ਕੇ ਰਹੋ”

Bengali: “শুভ রাত্রি, মিষ্টি স্বপ্ন, এবং সাবধান থাকুন”
Marathi: “शुभ रात्री, दुखद स्वप्न, आणि काळजी घ्या”
Gujarati: “શુભ રાત, મીઠા સપનું, અને દેખભાલ કરો”
Malayalam: “ശുഭ രാത്രി, മധുര സ്വപ്നങ്ങൾ, സൂക്ഷിപിക്കുക”
Urdu: “شب بخیر، خوابوں کو میٹھے بخواب، اور خود کا خیال رکھو”

Spanish: “Buenas noches, dulces sueños y cuídate”
French: “Bonne nuit, fais de beaux rêves et prends soin de toi”
German: “Gute Nacht, süße Träume und pass auf dich auf”
Chinese (Mandarin): “晚安,做个甜美的梦,照顾好自己”
Japanese: “おやすみなさい、良い夢を見て、気をつけて”
Russian: “Спокойной ночи, сладких снов и береги себя”


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